Leadership Vision believes that the combination of our services addresses the primary concerns of leaders that are committed to being more effective now and in the future for their organizations.

Much of what we see labeled as “Leadership Development” focuses on skill building and knowledge. While these elements are a part of developing leaders, the more important part is about building the ‘capacity’ to lead. This is not only about skill and knowledge, but creating ‘experience.’ Our approach seeks to take the leader where they are in terms of their knowledge, skill, and capacity to lead and accelerate their development through a combination of teaching (key competencies of leaders), education, drawing forth their internal knowledge, and coaching, to focus on personal and leadership development that is theirs alone. We use their environment to accelerate their personal and leadership development.

Leadership Effectiveness Education –We shape our Education and Training tailored to the needs of those we work with.  What do they already know about leading?  What is their skill in doing so?  What are the gaps and how might we close those gaps (i.e., building relationships, communication, creating greater engagement, prioritization of time and energy, high performing teams).

Leadership Effectiveness Coaching  –Drawing on their experience, the observation of their peers, bosses, and direct reports we establish a Development Plan tailored to the leader’s unique needs. This insures the optimum focus and progress in the shortest amount of time.

Individual Leader Personal Development – Everything starts with self-awareness. Often, we use some combination of assessments to provide greater awareness about their preferred behavior style, and their Emotional Intelligence, to sharpen their understanding of strengths and where opportunities lie to improve their leadership performance.

Key Decision Making and Execution Process

Assists and facilitates to:

  • Convert decisions to output – significantly improving leadership effectiveness
  • Sharpen the dynamics, execution and accountability of key decision making by leaders
  • Move the leadership culture to improved key decision and the execution of projects in a workable project management format