It takes courage to grow up and be who you are.  – Jim Struck

Coaching Section

Change is hard.  If it were easier, all of us would have overcome our bad habits or developed those elusive skills by now.  Coaching can be the missing element for achieving desired change.  Whether that change relates to a gap in performance, or more effective behavior, coaching has been found to be the best, fastest way to achieve a new level of effectiveness and performance.  A study of Fortune 100 executives found that coaching resulted in an ROI of almost six times program cost.

We work with both individuals and teams, as dictated by the situation. Our coaching model is based on a Socratic method (facilitating the thinking of the individual/team) with the ability to be more challenging or directive when appropriate.  Our work is based on the Core Competencies of the International Coach Federation (ICF) – building and fostering relationships, trust, and results.

Our process includes:

  • Establishing the desired outcomes for all parties
    • Scope of the engagement outlined
    • All parties understand the nature of the project and their role
    • Insuring all parties are aligned for success
  • Assessing current environment
    • “Where am I now?” is explored
      • Instruments, interviews, feedback from appropriate parties explored
    • Enhanced awareness is the goal
  • Setting goals
    • “Where do I want to go?” is answered
    • Clarity on what will be the goals and how they connect to overall desired outcomes
    • Focus is established
  • Planning
    • “What is the gap between where I am now and where I want to go?”
    • Necessary skills, knowledge, behavior(s) are identified
    • Actionable steps are outlined
  • Coaching for change
    • Focus on the plan and the priorities within the plan
    • A self-evaluative process and accountable actions are continually utilized
      • Constant feedback loop: reflecting on what was learned, what actions were taken, and what worked/didn’t is identified for continuation or change.